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Financing... we can help!

If you're looking to finance, come in and talk to us!! We can give you the breakdown of your cost, finance charge, run your application and get you on your way. All  you have to do is fill out a quick application (you can print one below to bring in so it's ready), Valid ID so we can get a copy, and we will get approval in 10-15 min and you can be on your way out the door with a new Scag or Redmax!!!  If you aren't 100% sold on a machine, you are welcome to try out the DEMO or hop on each machine we have on hand and get the feel for them. We can show you the machine in and out and how to take care of them. If you want bagging units, mulch kits, or any other accessory we can help you get those on your machine as well. 

NOW FINANCING SCAG, and Redmax!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

***Note we are set up with Sheffield Financial ONLY***