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We carry Scag, Redmax products for sale on the show floor.


We are Scag, Honda, Kohler, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, and Classen dealer certified.





NOW INTRODUCING GAS IN A CAN!!! VP Small Engine Fuel-The Perfect Fuel For Light Equipment

VP Small Engine Fuel is ethanol-free and specifically formulated by experts at VP Racing Fuels with the highest quality components for top performance, long life and durability of your potable gas-powered equipment.

Ensures Easier starts and worry-free long-term storage.  We have Quarts or Gallons available at the shop. If you would like it in bigger quantities we can special order them for you!

2-Cycle Premix with Oil (50:1)

4-Cycle Unleaded Fuel

Come on in and ask us, or better yet TRY IT OUT! 

"No matter what color it is...
We can fix it!"

We work on pretty much any small engine from mowers, blowers, trimmers, snowblowers, chain saws, pumps, seed tenders, tillers and the list goes on.

We can work on almost any brand and with over
40+ years of experience there's not much we haven't seen or worked on first hand.

Click on the link below to see our shop video :D 

Located on Highway 14 in Aurora!!

310 16th Street

Green Mountain Grill Sale!!!

See the Green Mountain Tab for all the details on these grills and sale prices! They won't last long, so get them while they last!  We also have all your grilling needs from rubs, pellets and sauces.

Got a question about your piece of equipment or are you looking for something new and productive? Contact us and let us help!





Welcome to Snider's Outdoor Power

 Scott's experience with small engines started in 1983...Starting from working with small engines back in high school, attending Central Community College in Hastings, working years in Grand Island Nebraska under Jerry Grone and going on his own eventually.  Scott started working in his garage years ago when he was still at IAMS as he loved doing what he loved to do-making things work again, and making people happy.  He took the leap one day with the help from a friend and rented a building to go part time running a small business and give it a try running his own small engine repair shop.  Little did he know it would grow so quick.  Within his first year of business and working his other full time job, he found himself making another decision to let the shop go full throttle.  Within a couple more years he was already outgrowing his little shop and looking to expand again.  In the Spring of 2016 the Business relocated to its current location a 310 16th St, just south of the underpass on Hwy 14 in Aurora

Over 35 years of experience and knowledge.

In March 2014 his daughter Vicki joined the family business full time as the business continues to grow and comes back occasionally now as she left to fulfill her full-time career.  His wife Monica has been by his side in the business the entire time helping with the bookwork and sometimes behind the counter.  They have a fun staff that are part of the family working with the same morals and work ethic that Snider's Outdoor Power strives to for.  You'll find multiple years of experience with our expert staff around the shop.

We are very happy with where things are going and have family morals and treat our clients as friends and family. We keep things honest and will go into detail to make sure you understand what services are being preformed or every detail of the products we stand behind 100%.

Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority.



Special Financing Available

We also do financing for our Scags!  Check our financing page for more details or to apply on-line.  If doing online financing give us a call about the price you'll be looking at and we can help the process go smooth for you.  

Scag mowers